Young Explorer’s Adventure Guides

2015 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide

Foster the love of SF in a new generation. Includes 24 science fiction stories for the middle-grade reader from Hugo and Nebula-winning authors as well as newer writers.

Girls need to read stories where any number of possible roles are modeled for them. Just as importantly, boys need to read stories where girls are active participants in adventures. And children of all colors and backgrounds need to know the future includes them.

Jeanne’s story ‘Unsealed’ is in this anthology. A short excerpt of ‘Unsealed’ is also online, along with excerpts of all the other stories from the anthology.

Available now in paperback, Kindle and ePub.



2016 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide

Jeanne’s story ‘View From Above’ is now available in this anthology.

The Universe keeps getting bigger! The adventure continues in this second collection of science fiction short stories for middle-grade readers. From a future that could be right around the corner, to cultures that stretch what it means to be human, the common thread of our stories are the girls and boys who take action, solve problems, and become the leaders of tomorrow. Welcome Young Explorers!