Jeanne won the Society of American Archivists’ 2018 Archives Short Fiction Contest. The call was for a story under 3,000 words that included an archivist, archives, or archival materials.

Her story, Quarantine, was selected as the winning story out of 30 entries. She also created the graphic above, included both online and when the story was published in the SAA magazine, Archival Outlook in January 2019.

Quarantine Art

“It isn’t stealing if no one cares about it anymore,” Eleanor announced to the room cluttered with old tech. “And talking to yourself isn’t a sign that you’re a crazy old lady.”


Eleanor hitched a bag bursting with arcane wires and metal equipment onto her shoulder and wove her way through the close-set shelves of the Academy’s tech recycling warehouse. At the door, she took a deep breath and peered out. For now, the campus was still empty of quarantine enforcement.

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