Jeanne Kramer-SmythJeanne Kramer-Smyth has been writing stories since she first got her hands on a typewriter when she was 9.

When she was about 11, she attended a chamber music concert with her parents. Her mother thought she had fallen asleep and nudged her to wake up. Jeanne patiently explained that she was just watching the pictures in her mind that the music was inspiring.

A fan of many types of fiction, she has a special place in her heart (and large home library) for fantasy, science-fiction, YA and historical fiction.

Her first published short story. ‘In Her Arms’, can be found in Stepmothers and the Big Bad Wolf: Fairy Tale Villains Reimagined. ‘Unsealed’, is in the 2015 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide – tales of science fiction for a middle grade audience, and ‘View From Above’ is part of the 2016 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide. She has a story in D is for Dinosaur, and will have a story in the upcoming ‘E is for Evil’. Her most recent story is found in Brave New Girls: Stories of Girls Who Science and Scheme, published in August, 2017.

She is currently an archivist by day and a writer, glass artist and fan of board games by night. Jeanne is the creator of the Pyramid Game Freeze Tag. She lives in Maryland with her husband, son, sister-in-law, and cat.