I am fascinated by the intersection of the human-made and natural world. My photographs examine the micro-landscape of the ground beneath our feet. Humans build streets and sidewalks. We paint lines and demarcate spaces. Mother nature pushes back, eating away at concrete and cracking pavement — adding leaves and acorns. I photograph the edges: both the edges between and the edges we ignore. I magnify this interplay of nature and human influence, drawing attention to the beauty ignored by most as they walk through the world.

Many of my photos are available for sale, both as prints as well as on products, at RedBubble. If you don’t see an image of mine you wish were available, please contact me and I will add it.

My photos can be purchased as metal posters and in a 2020 calendar: Images From The Edges: 2020 Twelve-Month Calendar

Here are my most recent photographs, posted on Instagram.